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March 2020

Harnessing our digital future

Mr. Arun Sundararajan

Professor and the Robert L. and Dale Atkins Rosen Faculty Fellow at NYU Stern School of Business. He has provided expert input to a.o. the US Congress and the White House, and is an advisor to a.o. the City of New York.

How do you adapt to an economy in which disruptive technologies like Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Cryptocurrency and Big Data keep accelerating past our expectations? Professions and industries of all kinds are quickly becoming obsolete. Entrepreneurial business models, new organizational structures and different institutions are needed to ensure that we are not left behind. We set out the best strategies.


Cybersecurity and Tech Threats

While the arms race of the 20th century was nuclear, the current one is about who has the best computer systems. Hackers range from lone wolves to global powers and are threatening states and individuals. Cybersecurity can make the difference between a clean laptop, protected IP, or fair elections. Is a completely bulletproof system a digital illusion? How can we create reliable and safe networks of communication?

Let’s go to Mars

Most of us will witness the first steps on Mars. According to Elon Musk we will even colonize it as our own. What are the possible (legal, economic, ethical) implications of a second self- sustaining habitat for humans?

The Brain and happiness

Experiencing happiness means the involvement of chemical substances in the brain, such as dopamine, (sexual) hormones, and oxytocin. Can we influence this feeling? Some psychologists challenge the idea that we’ll be miserable if we don’t get what we want. Our ‘psychological immune system’ lets us feel truly happy even when things don’t go as planned.


College-Club NYC kicked off with two lectures in April and May 2017. The kick off was a major succes with 300 young professionals from our 6 partners attending!

Smart Cities

Google | April 5, 2017

Steven E. Koonin

Director NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, Professor NYU Stern School of Business and former Under Secretary for President Obama

Connecting all systems in a city into one big data-network creates a smart city. What does this mean for our quality of life, sustainability, privacy, and other aspects of daily life? How can governments, universities, and industries contribute to smarter cities?

The Bigger Picture

Christie’s | May 11, 2017

Brook Hazelton

President, Americas

David Kleiweg de Zwaan

Senior Specialist, Auctioneer

Christie’s will hold its flagship Impressionist and Modern Art and Post War and Contemporary Art auction which will include work by the giants such as Monet, Picasso, Warhol and Bacon. Prior to this we are invited to attend a tour in the world’s leading saleroom. Furthermore, insights are given into the international art market, the auction process and the economic issues related thereto.

Artificial Intelligence: Science, not Fiction

Facebook | April 11, 2018

Yann LeCun

Director of AI Research at Facebook, Professor Computer Science, Neural Science and Data Science at NYU.

Self-driving cars, the Internet of Things and customer intelligence are all part of ‘thinking machines’. The rise of these ‘smart’ computers brings along major challenges; what does it for example mean for our privacy and employment? And what happens if robots become smarter than us?


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About US

After a sensational kick-off, College-Club is returning to New York City

College-Club is a start-up based in Amsterdam which organizes inspiring lectures for young professionals to increase the general knowledge based on the concept of a lifelong learning.

These lectures are held by prominent speakers at high profile locations.

The evenings also provide the young professionals with the opportunity to expand their network beyond the people they usually meet in their line of work.

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The Founder


I founded College-Club in October 2012 in Amsterdam. The idea originated from my own desire to gain more knowledge in fields outside of my profession. It is my passion to bring together people from the cultural sector, universities and corporates alike. Before setting up College-Club, I worked as a corporate lawyer for six years in Amsterdam. I studied law at Leiden University and the Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.

In April 2017 we had a succesful kick off program with two lectures at Google and Christie’s and in April 2018 we continued with an amazing lecture at Facebook. I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming year with the young professionals of all our partners!

Hopefully we can meet soon as well!

Frederique Lips

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